Fedrigoni at Dscoop EMEA

Fedrigoni at Dscoop EMEA

Vienna, Austria 13-15 June 2018

The World’s largest Digital Print community (with 8,000+ members), is gathering again in Europe. 

As long time partners of the Dscoop Community and of HP Indigo, Fedrigoni will share its innovative products and solutions for the digital printing world at the Solutions Showcase. 

As you plan your journey at Unleashing Print™, you will want to visit our booth, experiencing all of them firsthand.


The new Dscoop platform https://www.dscoop.com/ and the community can help you dream, create, connect, and execute incredible campaigns. Whether you are a print professional, designer, marketer, brand owner, or a creative.

Fedrigoni page: https://www.dscoop.com/business/partner/fedrigoni-spa

Fedrigoni for HP Indigo: https://www.dscoop.com/content/fedrigoni-HP-indigo-printing

Touch Class page: https://www.dscoop.com/content/discover-new-soho-touch-class-scodix-fedrigoni

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